We are still here

front load washing machines in coin laundry

These are scary times we live in. There’s a lot of uncertainty. People are rightly concerned and taking every precaution.

It’s important to note that there are no easy answers or quick solutions to big problems.

Those of you who’ve been a part of laundry love Santa Ana for a while already know this. The homelessness crisis has been growing for the last decade and you’ve seen it firsthand. Despite many wise and intelligent people’s best efforts the problems have continued to grow.

And so as we approach this public health crisis we must ask ourselves what the right responses. To be honest I don’t know.

Here’s what I do know. Cleanliness is vital to public health and safety. Clean clothes often are lifesavers but now even more than usual clean clothes will save lives. You are desperately needed in the midst of fear and uncertainty.

At this next laundry love we ask that you show up that you donate and that you show kindness and compassion to all in need. We will ensure that we have hand sanitizer available for everyone who needs it.